Emily Fehler is going in the studio next week with a band to record her upcoming EP that will be released in the ASBF.

Great Room Victorian is back at it in the studio. After recording their next EP, they will be playing shows again.

Paean and Sour Boy, Bitter Girl are putting out a split next month.

Winderous Igloos will be recording an EP this spring.

Automobile, Swift is getting a full length out on FTU this year. There may be an EP or a series of EPs released that A,S will be a part of.

Candy Claws and Ocean Bump! [we play with drums] will both have release later this year.

Other news:
the Summer tour is being canceled in order to afford a new sound card and some cables and things in the studio. Candy Claws and Winderous Igloos are planning on attending the Peppermill Festival in August still.


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