ASBF Catalog

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ASBF001 Firebreather Brave Rainbow Single


ASBF003 Winderous Igloos Igloos EP

ASBF004 Flying Fetus Fortress the Legs Feed the Wolf

ASBF005 Winderous Igloos ¡No Más! No More! EP

ASBF006 ASBF Christmas Forest Vol. 1

ASBF007 This Is Your Pedestrian Winter EP

ASBF008 the Great Mouse Trap Spiders and Tarantula EP

ASBF009 Paean / Sour Boy, Bitter Girl split

ASBF010 Ocean Bump! / Pedestrian We Play With Drums split

ASBF011 Candy Claws Two Airships / Exploder Falls EP
download at Peppermill Records

ASBF012 the Black Apples Enjoy!

ASBF013 Emily Fehler EP

ASBF014 the Riflemen EP

ASBF015 Ocean Bump! Economical, Convenient, Dependable

ASBF016 the Riflemen LIVE! EP

ASBF017 Christmas Forest Vol. 2: Blessed Reef And Spirit Swim With Me

ASBF018 Ambassador Engine Subtraction, Elation, Hydration

ASBF019 Ocean Bump! With This Longing

ASBF020 Candy Claws In the Dream of the Sea Life

Remastered version out on Indiecater Records

ASBF021 House of Leaves House of Leaves

ASBF022 Feeling Beastly Pandamonium EP

ASBF023 Great Room Victorian Great Room Victorian EP

ASBF024 Thrifty Astronaut Introducing Thrifty Astronaut EP

Available for purchase through Woodstack Records

ASBF025 Sour Boy, Bitter Girl Songs About The Landscape or Songs About The Wolf Army

ASBF026 Ocean Bump! Yet It Failed To Have Any Hold On Me

ASBF027 Paean EP

ASBF028 Ambassador Engine A Collection Of Songs That Have Found Their Way To You (This Is The Map)

ASBF029 ASBF Christmas Forest Vol. 3: Sun Child, Stay Forever

ASBF030 Emily Fehler Mother / People, Places, and Things SINGLE

ASBF031 Sam!! Well, Hell.... EP

ASBF032 Sam!! Well, Hell.... It's a Long Story, So It Goes

ASBF033 Paean Songs For Us To Sing

ASBF034 Ambassador Engine Live Dismally EP

ASBF035 Ocean Bump! Over the Restlessly Waving Land EP

ASBF036 Candy Claws Glacier Prey

Upcoming Releases:

Dream Wagon EP
Emily Fehler untitled LP
That Silver Shell Citizen EP
Candy Claws Hidden Lands LP (through Two Syllable Records)
Good Evening Titan EP
the Riflemen untitled LP

Also Featured on:

Love, Everyday Joe's Vol. 1: No More Gloom
[Winter 2007]

Love, Everyday Joe's Vol. 2: ...And A Little Child Will Lead Them
[Winter 2008]

Love, Everyday Joe's Vol. 3: Wake Up, O Sleeper
[Winter 2009]

Various Peppermill Records releases.

An Indiecater Christmas
[Winter 2009]

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