ASBF Compilation Vol. 1: TRITON out today

Click above to download the compilation for free.

We are so excited to release our first compilation showcasing so many great artists. Welcome to the Forest.

Included in zip are:
PDF Booklet
Comp Cover (Hi-res, Lo-res)
20 MP3s

1. Aloeswood - “Left and Gone and Left”
2. Ambassador Engine - “Niigata”
3. Bear (the Ghost) - “Moses”
4. Brett Brady - “Roman Colosseum”
5. Candy Claws - “Snow Bear River Fire”
6. Common Anomaly - “Golden”
7. Eliza Boote - “In the Stairway Where the Paper's Torn”
8. Emily Fehler - “On to You”
9. Fellow Citizens - “Coughing Up the Day”
10.Firebreather - “Brave Rainbow”
11.Galaxies - “Lost at Sea”
12.the Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - “(please rise for america's theme song)”
13.Ocean Bump! - “Shadeland Instead”
14.Otem Rellik - “Death, in Two Parts”
15.Paean - “Write it Off”
16.Riflemen - “Rocky Mountain Teeth”
17.Roger, Roll - “Digging”
18.Sour Boy, Bitter Girl - “Bury Your Bottles”
19.Spires - “Two Lakes”
20.Thrifty Astronaut - “Psychedelic Kingdom in the Sky”

Otem Rellik "Structural Integrity" video feat. Danielle Ate the Sandwich

Structural Integrity feat. Danielle Ate the Sandwich from otem rellik on Vimeo.

This is the new video from our favorite Colorado hip-hop artist otem rellik. It premiered yesterday. Stick around for the end. I got a laugh in. Toby and Danielle are great!

Check 'em both out at:

Patient Sounds puts out a compilation

Our friends at Patient Sounds are releasing its first compilation today. So many good bands. Only good bands. It includes new tracks from Good Old Fashioned Sinners, Kites Sail High, Martha! Mother, M Pyres, Ambassador Engine and more. Click the image for a free download!


1. Ambassador Engine - Nowhere Near the Beach
2. Cradling - Mug's Game
3. M. Pyres & the Season Creeps - Miles & Days Ahead
4. Bingo Pajamas - Loose City Birds
5. Littoral Drift - Busy Days
6. Martha! Mother - Grandpa Organ Deuce
7. The Good Old Fashioned Sinners - Lost My Way
8. Kites Sail High - Bedroom
9. Pasture - n.

Sample Ambassador Engine's track "Nowhere Near the Beach" below:

HOSANNAS (Formerly known as CHURCH) back to Colorado this weekend!

The four boys of CHURCH are making their way back to Colorado this weekend with a new name, HOSANNAS, and a new disc Then & Now & Then, available through HUSH Records.

The will be playing Thursday in Denver with CANDY CLAWS, SOUR BOY BITTER GIRL, and NIGHT OWL at the MEADOWLARK!


Friday in Fort Collins for DOVEKINS' CD Release Show at HODI'S HALFNOTE with PAEAN and DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH!


Saturday in Boulder with DOVEKINS, CANDY CLAWS, and FELLOW CITIZENS at Astroland!


Here is a video to wet your appetite:

Multi-Chamber American Future at Rontoms from hosannas portland on Vimeo.

Official Hosannas Myspace page
Official Hosannas Facebook page
HUSH Records
Tender Loving Empire
SoHiTek Records

Candy Claws July Tour and HIDDEN LANDS pre-order

We are proud to announce that Candy Claws will be touring for the month of July with Pepper Rabbit.

The dates are as follows:

6/3 – Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre w/ Fellow Citzens, Woodsman
6/5 – Fort Collins, CO - Hammer Time w/ Paean, Sour Boy Bitter Girl, Origami Hands, MORE
6/10 – Denver, CO - Meadowlark w/ Hosannas, Night Owl, Sour Boy Bitter Girl
6/12 – Boulder, CO - Astroland w/ Hosannas, Dovekins
6/19 - Loveland, CO - Lakehouse Fest w/ Otem Rellik, Paean, Good Evening Titan, MORE
6/19 – Denver, CO - Westword Music Showcase
6/24 – Denver, CO - Hi Dive w/ Sonic Massacre

7/1 - Omaha, NE - the Slowdown +
7/2 - Lawrence, KS - TBD +
7/5 - Toledo, OH - Mickey Finns*
7/6 - Toronto, ON - The Drake Undergound*
7/7 - Montreal, QE - Green Room*
7/8 - Boston, MA - PA's Lounge*
7/9 - Philadelphia, PA - M Room*
7/10 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox*
7/12 - Washington, DC - Red & Black*
7/13 - New York City, NY - Piano's
7/14 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands*
7/16 - Chicago, IL - TBD
7/17 - Madison, WI - TBD*
7/19 - Des Moines, IO - Vaudeville Mews*
7/20 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar*
7/22 - Denver, CO – UMS Music Festival
7/26 - Portland, OR - Rotture*
7/28 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock*
7/29 - Santa Cruz, CA - Crepe Place*
7/30 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland*^
7/31 - Las Vegas, NV – TBD
8/1 - Provo, UT – TBD

* w/ Pepper Rabbit
^ w/ Beach Fossils
+ w/ Woodsman

The record comes out at the end of the tour, August 3, on Twosyllable Records.

You can preorder the LP and CD below from Twosyllable.

LP Pre-order
CD Pre-order