ASBF Compilation Vol. 1: TRITON out today

Click above to download the compilation for free.

We are so excited to release our first compilation showcasing so many great artists. Welcome to the Forest.

Included in zip are:
PDF Booklet
Comp Cover (Hi-res, Lo-res)
20 MP3s

1. Aloeswood - “Left and Gone and Left”
2. Ambassador Engine - “Niigata”
3. Bear (the Ghost) - “Moses”
4. Brett Brady - “Roman Colosseum”
5. Candy Claws - “Snow Bear River Fire”
6. Common Anomaly - “Golden”
7. Eliza Boote - “In the Stairway Where the Paper's Torn”
8. Emily Fehler - “On to You”
9. Fellow Citizens - “Coughing Up the Day”
10.Firebreather - “Brave Rainbow”
11.Galaxies - “Lost at Sea”
12.the Kevin Costner Suicide Pact - “(please rise for america's theme song)”
13.Ocean Bump! - “Shadeland Instead”
14.Otem Rellik - “Death, in Two Parts”
15.Paean - “Write it Off”
16.Riflemen - “Rocky Mountain Teeth”
17.Roger, Roll - “Digging”
18.Sour Boy, Bitter Girl - “Bury Your Bottles”
19.Spires - “Two Lakes”
20.Thrifty Astronaut - “Psychedelic Kingdom in the Sky”