Peppermill Festival

PK at Peppermill writes:

So the idea is to host a sort of beta version of an extreme music festival, sometime in August '08, near Whistler, British Columbia, at the location you see above.

To attend, you'd have to hike approx 14km and 1200m in elevation, to a glacial lake with a spectacular view. This obviously isn't for the faint of heart... while the hike is quite doable for the outdoor enthusiast, it's no walk in the park. While we'd feed you and ply you with beverages at the top, you'd still need to at least pack a tent and some bare essentials.

The festival will take place over two days, and will be more of a party with musicians than a proper festival. It'll also be all-acoustic since we'll be limited to whatever exotic instruments we can carry up with us. Then, if things work out, we'd possibly have a larger festival in '09, with even more fantastic music.

Here's the people so far that you might see performing:


Candy Claws


Winderous Igloos

Flowtation Addvice

Set In Sand

The Gruff well as anyone else who feels like bringing an instrument and some creativity. Check back here for updates, and if you're feeling adventurous next summer put this on your planner, it'll be fun.

We're working on funding for this as of now. This may mean somewhat of a tour in the month or so prior.

Here's some pictures:


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