Economical, Convenient, Dependent

Ocean Bump! will be releasing Economical, Convenient, Dependable later this month.

It's rumored to be split released on Act So Big Forest and Dead Space Volume.
Eight tracks: one on the Myspace, seven more on the cd.

being fine (with joe and rion)
coming back
like sounds
remember them
silent drops
lost past
ideas aloft (with brandon)
not alone

Welcome to the Forest is the next ASBF compilation. It will come out next month some time.

CLICK HERE for a sample track by Eric Schuman.

Candy Claws has a full-length coming out this year as well.

All of these releases will be pressed and available for sale or download via Act So BLOG Forest and Collective Family.

Wet Paws portfolio has some new art posted.

Check out Peppermill, Dead Space Volume, and Fir Traders Union for cool music and updates.


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