Summer Update

It is July already and we have been laying back it seems.

Some things that have been happening that we are excited about:

Candy Claws released "In the Dream of the Sea Life" LP this spring. They also released Glacier Prey, full of videos, unreleased songs, covers, art, and more.
Common Anomaly just released "These Drowning Days" LP last month.
Feeling Beastly released their first EP "Pandamonium" last month.
Our friend Robby (from (bear) the ghost) recently joined the Cincinatti band Enlou.
Stella Luce just released "Zugenruhe" LP and toured the United Kingdom.

Some things coming up that we are excited about:

We are just finishing up the first Paean LP, yet to be titled.
Emily Fehler has some new songs she will be recording.
Stella Luce will be doing a US tour this Fall.
Peppermill Records will be having their second Music/Outdoors Festival in Vancouver this August.
We will be releasing the Act So Big Forest compilation "Welcome to the Forest". The compilation will feature Foresters as well as Automobile, Swift, Eric Schuman, Common Anomaly, and more.

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